Vietnam ranks 19th in best countries for expats globally

Vietnam has shown to be promising for expats who are seeking both opportunities and challenges to boost and develop their careers.
By: | November 12, 2018


According to a HSBC survey, the majority of expatriates working in Vietnam have retained or maximised their happiness compared to when they are back in their home countries.

These sentiments have pushed Vietnam four notches higher in the HSBC list of best countries for expats to work and live. The 11th Annual Expat Explorer ranking issued by HSBC places Vietnam at 19th globally with expats saying that they find it more enjoyable to work in the country due to the many benefits that it offers.

Vietnam’s average annual salary for expats is US$90,408 (S$125,000), with more than half of expats globally praising the overall improved quality of life in the country.

More than half (55%) of respondents said that they are on holidays more than before, while some 2 out of 5 (41%) said that they upgraded their homes in Vietnam. A similar proportion (39%) said that they have more household help compared to back at home.

Some 47% of respondents also said Vietnam is great for expats who seek career progression.

The survey polled more than 22,000 people from 163 countries by an online questionnaire.