Women demand their right to wear glasses at work in Japan

Japanese women have taken to Twitter to voice outcry after reports that employers are imposing bans on spectacles in the workplace.
By: | November 11, 2019

In a developed nation like Japan, the world’s third largest economy, it’s hard to believe that women are being banned for wearing glasses at work. But that’s the hot topic gripping the country currently.

Reports suggest some companies have banned eyewear for female employees for a number of reasons such as making them appear rude or cold. Retail chains in particular are opposed to female sales staff wearing glasses in stores.

In heated reaction, Japanese women have taken to social media to speak out over the discriminatory dress codes they face in the workplace. It’s unclear if the ‘’bans’’ are based on company policies, or merely a reflection of what’s deemed socially accepted practice in Japanese workplaces.

This is not the first time Japan has been embroiled in controversy over workplace dress codes for women. It has also come under fire recently for forcing women to wear high heels shows in the workplace.

“If the rules prohibit only women to wear glasses, this is a discrimination against women,” Kanae Doi, the Japan director at global advocacy group Human Rights Watch told Reuters news agency.

Japan is ranked 110 out of 149 countries in the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Gender Gap report, well behind other developed nations.