6 Singapore employers given suspension over LOA breach

Six employers' work pass privileges were suspended after their workers were found breaching the Leave of Absence amidst the Wuhan virus,
By: | February 10, 2020

Six employers from Singapore had their work pass privileges suspended for two years after breaching the Leave of Absence (LOA) requirements amidst the Wuhan virus.

Four work pass holders were also repatriated within 24 hours and banned permanently from working in Singapore after being found at their workplaces during their LOA after a random check by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

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All work pass workers who have recent travel history to China are required to take a mandatory 14-day LOA upon their arrival in Singapore.

The MOM said that employers and employees have a joint duty to ensure that the employee behaves responsibly during the LOA, adding that it would not hesitate to revoke the work passes and withdraw work pass privileges against errant employers or employees.