All about digital work at HR Festival Asia’s HR Tech stream

At HR Festival Asia's HR Tech stream, delegates will be partake in cutting edge discussions about the increasing confluence of HR and technology.
By: | January 23, 2019


HR technology is a multi-billion dollar market that’s only set to grow, so it’s only natural that much of the content that HR Festival Asia this year promises to focus on how it is going to continue to shape the world of work.

If you only attend one conference this year, make it the one with the maximum learning opportunity and value for your money – that’s HR Festival Asia.

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The dedicated HR Tech stream at HR Festival Asia will not be the only place to hear about the increasing confluence of HR and technology, but for HR and business leaders who are trying to figure out digital transformation, it’s certainly one to hit up.

Here are just a few of the questions that delegates will find answers to at the HR Tech segment of HR Festival Asia:

  • How can we bring employee training and development into a more flexible, more manageable digital environment?
  • How can we improve employee productivity and well-being through digitalisation?
  • How should we select the right tools and solutions to best empower our workforce?
  • How can we design core HR systems to align with the future of work?

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