Amazon patents “spy goggles” that can monitor staff

The futuristic goggles will provide workers that wear them with key information - but will also collect data on them.
By: | August 8, 2018

Online retail giant Amazon has come under fire for reportedly developing “spy goggles” to keep an eye on employees.

A patent recently filed by the company describes augmented reality goggles which will provide visual directions to warehouse workers – where to collect an item, where to drop it off, and so on.

In addition to collecting information, the goggles are also reported to collect information such as the worker’s location and walking speed.

Amazon has invested heavily in maximising worker output. It recently patented another monitoring device – an ultrasonic wristband.

However, the company has denied reports that it is looking to spy on employees.

“This patent application has nothing to do with surveilling employees. Technology has empowered and enabled workplaces throughout human history,” it said in a statement.

“Smart glasses and head up displays are already helping people in lots of ways – providing doctors with information to perform surgery, drivers with information to help them drive safely, and athletes with information to achieve their goals.”