Asia’s most effective workspaces: Shopee (Singapore)

Our list also includes start-ups like online retailer Shopee, whose Singapore office would give the big boys a run for their money.
By: | January 16, 2018

Shopee (Singapore)

Employees – 200

Designed by – DB&B

The main floor of online marketplace Shopee’s Singapore headquarters looks normal enough, with rows of desks across a single level of the Science Park business hub in the west of the island. But surrounding this space is a whole host of unique features that help inspire the collaboration and staff wellbeing that is at the heart of the startup’s enviable employer brand. From the massage room, to the huge supermarket-style cafeteria and pantry, to the dormitory-style room of sleeping pods, this office has made employee experience central to its design.


  • Larger work desks by default
  • Booth set-ups of various sizes, including one-seaters dubbed “Forever Alone Booths”
  • Massive staff cafeteria, including an extensive fridge and separate, well-stocked pantry
  • Numerous sleeping pods
  • Massage room, that comes with a dedicated in-house masseuse

So what?

  • Office space allows for both quiet and collaborative spaces
  • Employee health is highlighted, with staff able to take a nap and recharge at any time of the day
  • Larger desks give developers ample space for their preferred screen and device configuration

They say:

“We emphasised to our designers the need for both collaboration and community in our work environment. Collaboration is in our DNA. A huge part of our strong growth has been due to the magic that happens when you bring highly motivated, smart people together and give them the space to create.

Our community is also a tight-knit one. This is most evident from a quick visit to our bustling cafe, which acts as a nexus point for business and social needs.”

– Lim Teck Yong, Head Of People Team, Shopee


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