Asia’s most effective workspaces: Tableau (Singapore)

Last but not least, we go inside Tableau Asia-Pacific's headquarters - a space that encourages collaboration and inspires creativity.
By: | February 7, 2018

Tableau (Singapore)

Employees – Over 130

Designed by- Gensler

Tableau’s Asia-Pacific headquarters at the swanky South Beach Towers in Singapore was created with the goal of enhancing the human intellect through its blend of technology, creativity, and collaboration spaces, while fostering a sense of community. Opened in 2015, the four-storey, 50,000-square foot office underscores the importance of Singapore as the software company’s regional hub.


  • “Smart” technology, including hand sensors that automatically open doors and electronic screens to book meeting rooms, used throughout the office
  • Desks and meeting rooms are also equipped with globally compatible video, telephone, and conferencing equipment
  • Workstations can be adjusted according to personal ergonomic and productivity preferences

So what?

  • Allows employees to work smart, and always at their optimum
  • Much more comfortable than previous workspace, and helps to foster a community spirit among teams
  • Ever-present technology also enhances collaboration with global teams

They say:

“In this office, our management made a conscious decision to build the executives’ rooms in the centre of the entire floor area. This is so that workstations can be built around the perimeters of the office floor for employees to enjoy bright and beautiful streams of natural light coming through into workstations (but without the heat), in addition to relishing a great view of the outside.”  

– Gina Kuek,Senior Manager, HR, Tableau Asia-Pacific



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