Bill lowering retirement age to 56 passed in the Philippines

Government employees in the Philippines who have worked for 15 years and reached 56 will be entitled to a lifelong old-age pension under this bill.
By: | January 27, 2023

A bill lowering the retirement age for government employees from 60 years of age to 56 has passed the House of Representatives in the Philippines on the second reading.

House Bill 206, which seeks to amend Section 13-A of Republic Act 8291, otherwise known as the Government Service Insurance (GSIS) Act of 1997, was passed through voice vote during the plenary session.

If enacted, this measure will allow government employees who have rendered at least 15 years of service and reached the age of 56 years to file for retirement and be entitled to an old-age pension for life from the GSIS.

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France Castro, a Member of the Philippines House of Representatives under the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) party-list, also the principal author of the bill, said rigorous work and the physical and psychological burdens it causes applies to all those working in government, particularly public school teachers. She added that earlier retirement is one of the demands voiced during consultations with public school teachers, noting that retiring at a late stage would not allow them to fully enjoy their retirement years with the hazards and level of stress accompanying their duties.

“Respect and humane consideration demand that a person of 55 years, a few years shy of being a senior citizen, should not be required to perform the arduous functions expected of a public school teacher in the Philippines. At such stage of their lives, public school teachers should at least be given the choice if they wish to rest from the profession and enjoy better and healthy years ahead,” Castro said, reported PNA.