Cambodia to launch job website to raise employment level

The Ministry of Labour is launching WORKNET, a new job website designed to help Cambodians find jobs amid the pandemic.
By: | March 25, 2021

The job website will provide employment services and labour market information in the country from April 8. 

Minister of labour Ith Samheng said the new website will be a valuable resource in providing users, stakeholders and the public with a platform for job applications, job postings, online job interviews and career counselling. 

He said users will be able to find relevant information and job market statistics, and they will be able to use this service from anywhere at any time locally. 

“This employment service system will be very important, bridging the gap between job opportunities and potential workforce using modern internet and digital technologies in line with the evolving of information technology,” Samheng said. 

The website was jointly developed and improved with cooperation from South Korea, through its official technical and financial development assistance framework provided through its Ministry of Labour and the Korea Employment Information Service Agency. 

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Meanwhile, in January, the National Employment Agency (NEA) offered 20,000 local jobs to Cambodian migrant workers who had returned from Thailand to help them find employment nearer to home rather than going back to Thailand. 

It has set up a task force to compile details of migrant workers who have returned from Thailand, getting them to register all their information and to apply for local jobs after they have completed 14 days of quarantine, according to Khmer Times.