Creating responsible and sustainable workplaces in Singapore

A new report by Rothman & Roman has highlighted some of the best practices of organisations when it comes to employee communication for ESG projects.
By: | February 1, 2024

When it comes to employee communication trends in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Singapore boosts a business community that is deeply committed to environmental stewardship, mutual respect, aid, and collaboration.

In fact, the greater the involvement of employees in an organisation’s ESG projects, the greater the impact of those projects on the organisation and society at large, according to a newly published report by Rothman & Roman Group.

Titled Employee Communication Trend Report 2024- Responsibility and Sustainability at The Workplace, the report highlighted the efforts of 34 organisations in achieving key employee communication and engagement goals in ESG.

Specifically, the report revealed the best practices of organisations in the areas of Education and Knowledge-sharing, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Social Responsibility; and Sustainability and Nature Conservation.

Bhavani Krishnasamy, Managing Director, International PR Training, said, “It is time for organisations to learn the best practices adopted by other organisations and companies, and keep increasing the momentum of employee engagement over the pandemic years. This report will help you enhance your employee engagement strategies going forward.”

Another participant of the report is Daniel O’Connor, Chief People Officer, ALBA; and Co-Chair of the Singapore Eurocham Human Development Committee, highlighted how a well-designed ESG project, implemented with employee involvement, can bring about significant internal and external change for organisations.

He explained, “The sustainability dialogue is often highly complex and multi-layered. It requires companies to form a clear vision of how they perceive their role within the larger eco-system in which they operate and benefit from, and use this to re-shape their business models, with a focus on ’win-win-win’ activities that generate value on multiple levels rather than adopting more traditional zero-sum tactics.”

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Besides serving as an important feedback loop for both businesses and employees involved in ESG activities, the report is also intended to highlight a source of ideas from which those building or expanding their own ESG portfolios can learn with confidence.

Zsófia Balatoni, Editor of the report and Chief Strategy Officer, Rothman & Roman Group, added, “We are positive that both business and society will benefit from our publication: we can help create a culture in which business success and social well-being are not mutually exclusive, but reinforcing.”

Click here to access the full Employee Communication Trend Report 2024 – Responsibility and Sustainability at The Workplace report.