Empowering payroll compliance across international borders

A new partnership formed between Remote and Nium aims at powering global workforces with real-time cross-border payments.
By: | June 7, 2024

To enable businesses to instantly send employee payroll and contractor payments worldwide, Remote has selected fintech firm Nium to enhance its international payroll capabilities.

This new partnership aims to turn businesses’ ability to hire and scale across borders into a key differentiator as they look at new growth markets. Currently, global organisations face complex challenges in managing multi-country payroll, having to navigate local compliance, technology and cultural norms.

Without incurring excessive foreign exchange or transaction costs, significant risk and back-office inefficiencies, organisations are facing even more difficult challenges in creating a scalable, secure and reliable international payroll model as workforces expand internationally.

Job van der Voort, CEO and Co-Founder at Remote, explained, “As companies become increasingly global, the complexities of expanding compliantly across international borders also grow. Our partnership with Nium is designed to address these complexities head-on. Payroll is at the heart of any business and our partnership provides customers even greater confidence in their abilities to grow teams that stretch globally and still get paid on time, every time, in their local currency – no matter where they are in the world.”

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The partnership will initially launch in 20+ markets across Europe, the United Kingdom, and Asia, supporting disbursement models including corporate payroll and contractor payments. With access to Nium’s global real-time payments infrastructure, Remote can provide its clients with multi-currency wallets, allowing funding in over 20+ local currencies and avoiding the hassle of setting up and managing local bank accounts.