Facebook to hand out $1000 bonuses to employees

The social media giant will also be investing $100 million to help 30,000 small businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak.
By: | March 30, 2020

Facebook is doing its part to help support its employees during this COVID-19 outbreak by giving US$1000 bonuses to its employees.

The social media giant, which employs 45,000 staff globally, will also be investing US$100 million to aid 30,000 small businesses where their employees live and work.

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“We recognize that many people are going to need more time away to care for children and their families,” CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a memo, according to NBC News.

“We also know that many of you may have additional expenses as part of setting up your home to enable remote work and support your family.

“We’re going to grant all employees an additional $1,000 to use for whatever you see fit to support yourself and your family in adapting during this period.”

In a Facebook post, he added, “The coronavirus outbreak isn’t just a major health crisis — it’s also a large economic disruption leading to people losing their jobs and making it harder to take care of their families.

“We’ve heard that a little financial support can go a long way, so today Facebook is launching a program to help communities and small businesses recover from this situation.”