Filipino workers considering career changes to improve pay

Most Filipino workers are considering change of careers and industries to gain better job prospects and financial stability.
By: | November 6, 2018


Switching career paths is an option that many Filipinos are now considering in order to earn better salaries and achieve financial stability, according to job search site

Based on its latest survey results, 88% of Filipinos said they are actively considering switching careers. Among them, 54% said their reasons are due to better salaries and achieving financial stability, while 23% said they lacked career growth opportunities in their current position.

The most desirable industries for young workers to switch to are the travel and tourism sector at 10%, followed by education at 9%, and banking, financial services and insurance at 8%, according to the survey.

Abhijeet Mukherjee, CEO for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, said that although financial stability remains a key driver for changing jobs, employers will retain workers better by upskilling staff and expanding their capabilities.