First flat rate for minimum wage decided in Thailand

The Labour Ministry is expected to approve the country’s daily minimum wage from 336 baht (US$10.2) to a flat rate of 492 baht (US$15.0).
By: | February 11, 2022

If approved, this would be the first time a flat rate for minimum wage is implemented in the country. The current minimum wage varies by province from 313 baht (US$9.5) to 336 baht (US$10.2).

The rate of 492 baht (US$15.0) was proposed and approved in principle by two agencies representing labour in the Tripartite Wage Committee (TWC), which cite increased expenses incurred by workers, including daily costs for three meals and travel fees, while monthly expenses include rent, utility bills, including the Internet, instalment payments for vehicles, and costs for families and parents.

The source from the TWC did not say whether the workers’ representatives had discussed the rate with employers’ representatives.

The source said the Labour Ministry has promised to raise the daily minimum wage, but has not yet confirmed if the proposed 492 baht rate would be approved. Nevertheless, the ministry has pledged to come to a decision soon.

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The TWC comprises the Labour Ministry, which represents the government; the Thai Labour Solidarity Committee and State Enterprises Workers’ Relations Confederation, which represent workers; and the Employers’ Confederation of Thailand, representing employers, according to Nation Thailand.