Former Google HR Chief predicts human resources revolution

Laszlo Bock believes that we are on the cusp of an HR revolution like the operations and manufacturing revolutions a century ago.
By: | September 12, 2019

As HR heads go, they don’t get more famous than Laszlo Bock. Having been the Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google for more than a decade, he set up a number of innovative practices that have now been widely adopted, such as the use of data-based decision-making within HR.

After leaving Google, Bock co-founded Humu, a company that helps CHROs and other executives ensure that teams are as productive and as happy as possible. Now he is predicting an HR revolution, according to a podcast he recorded for Forbes.

‘’It will be the revolution that marketing had with Time, Inc. and targeted marketing in the ’70s and with digital advertising in the Google and Facebook era. This is an opportunity to bring analytics, statistics, and computer science into the HR field. Companies are dipping their toes into the products of startup companies with these features,’’ he said.

But he warned that as we strive to make work better, it is too easy to inadvertently make it worse using technology.