Fusion Sport sets a new global growth record

With the help of Globalization Partners, Fusion Sport was able to accelerate their global expansion, from months to days.
By: | August 31, 2021

Next time you turn on your TV to watch some sports, remember there is a good chance the athletes on screen have been tracking their physical performance using one of the Fusion Sport human performance solutions.

Founded in 2003, Fusion Sport is recognised globally for its innovation in the human performance sector and for providing the benchmark analytics platform for the world’s leading athletes.

When big data meets big sports

We all know about it: Big data is transforming our lives. All kinds of information is captured and analysed to improve our cities, banking systems, shopping experiences, and even the way we connect with others on social media.

Our bodies are big data sources too, and with the right analytics software, athletes, leagues, franchises, teams, and venues can reach higher levels of performance and enrich the fan experience.

Hundreds of organisations are currently using Fusion Sport technology — from universities to football clubs and ballet schools, and even military and tactical groups worldwide. That is why the company has almost doubled their number of employees, now with 70 people in their Brisbane and New Zealand offices and 30 more scattered through the U.S., the Netherlands, and Singapore.

However, maintaining rapid growth requires new market entry and new talent. Fusion Sport quickly realised they needed to expand globally, and rapidly.

Running alone only slows you down

When Fusion Sport secured the Netherlands Olympic Committee and a famous Dutch soccer team as clients, it became evident that they would need a local team to provide support to new customers and increase sales to continue building their momentum. They predicted that establishing an entity there would take them six months.

They were wrong.

It took them 12 long months to set up an entity. So, when they secured the Singapore Navy and the Football Association of Singapore, they knew they would have to do things differently.

“We spoke to a couple of accountants and financial advisers for Singapore, and we felt like the time was a little bit too long. We might lose our momentum in terms of our most recent success. So that’s what really prompted us to look for other alternatives,” said Karl Wood, People and Culture Manager at Fusion Sport.

They learned that there is a better way to get started quickly in a new country: Use a global Employer of Record like Globalization Partners.

The best team for global expansion

Fusion Sport chose Globalization Partners to expand to Singapore, a strategic decision that has paid dividends. “Globalization Partners has brought in a lot for our growth, especially in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Our pipeline has been really strong since we’ve been able to hire a staff member there, based in a country where we were unable to hire before. That is directly a sales opportunity bringing value to the business for our revenue and our growth,” Wood said.

Being able to hire in APAC quickly helped Fusion Sport reach big sporting countries like Taiwan and Japan. They now have a presence on the ground that can easily travel in that region.

“Don’t feel like you have to create a business that could take six or 12 months,” said Wood. “If you have momentum now or you see an entry into the market, Globalization Partners can really help to speed up the process of getting people or employees there.”

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