G-P revolutionises global hiring with AI-powered onboarding platform

HR teams can now streamline international recruitment and ensure compliance with G-P’s new AI-powered onboarding solution.
By: | June 27, 2024

G-P has announced the launch of its new AI-powered global onboarding feature within its employer of record (EOR) products. This solution aims to streamline the hiring and onboarding process, from generating job offers to signing employment agreements and managing all aspects of onboarding and benefits setup, ensuring compliance at every step.

G-P’s AI-powered onboarding system delivers smart, country-specific compliance. It provides real-time, contextual compliance insights and support, tailoring the onboarding experience to each region’s requirements. Central to this new offering is G-P’s Global Intelligence Assistant (GIA), introduced in 2023. GIA provides users with 24/7 access to instant answers, aiding in a compliant onboarding journey. Leveraging over 13 years of G-P’s proprietary expertise, GIA eliminates the need for organisations to become experts in global and local HR, tax, and legal matters.

Nat Natarajan, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at G-P, said, “With AI and our intelligent compliance technology, we have forever changed how organisations hire and onboard professionals worldwide. We’ve combined G-P’s 13+ years of global expertise and technological expertise with the power of GIA, our global intelligence assistant, to deliver greater efficiency and compliance, enabling organisations to scale and build teams in more than 180 countries worldwide.”

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Key features of G-P’s new AI-powered onboarding solution include the automation generation and customisation of compliant employment contracts using onboarding data and compliant templates. It offers self-service capabilities for employees to update their professional profiles and enrol in payroll and benefits.

Additionally, the solution provides tailored benefits package options, including insights, competitive data, and local information specific to each country. It delivers country-specific and region-specific guidance on regulations related to job titles, descriptions, probationary periods, and more. The system also dynamically creates guided workflows to ensure fully compliant onboarding at every stage of the process, enhancing ease of use for all involved.

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