General Motors strike in the US ends after 40 days

The nationwide strike affected more than 50 assembly plants throughout the US, but was ended on October 16.
By: | November 5, 2019

After more than a month off the job, the United Automobile Workers (UAW) union has ratified a wage and conditions deal with General Motors across the US.


The new contract brings workers hired after 2007 up to the same wages as older workers within four years of service. It maintains existing worker health benefits with low premiums, and allows temporary workers an avenue to apply for full-time roles after three years’ service.

The strike involved 48,000 General Motors employees from more than 50 assembly plants across the US.


Terry Dittes, Vice President of the UAW, said the union was proud of the workers’ extended stand. “Their sacrifice and courageous stand addressed the two-tier wages structure and permanent temporary worker classification that has plagued working class Americans,” he told media.