Gig economy framework proposed in Malaysia

The government has been urged to develop a gig economy framework or high-value partnerships to ensure that gig workers receive appropriate guidance.
By: | September 27, 2022

This comes ahead of the tabling of the country’s 2023 Budget on October 7 this year.

Mohd Redzuan Affandi Abdul Rahim, Director, Digital Adoption Department, Ecosystem Development Division, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), hopes that this would enable experienced gig workers and new graduates entering the field to better understand how to work online.

“MDEC also hopes that the government will provide tax incentives to encourage local businesses to use the energy of ‘digital freelancers’ from within the country instead of from abroad,” he said when asked about MDEC’s hopes for Budget 2023.

Mohd Redzuan said incentives for users also need to be created to encourage the use of local platforms such as BungkusIt, MatDespatch, PantangPlus, MrWireman, GoCoach and various other platforms. 

He said MDEC sees the gig economy model as a form that enables the inclusive participation of the people in the digital economy, in addition to being a contributor and a new engine of economic generation if implemented appropriately. 

“MDEC also wants the government to intensify the efforts that we are currently implementing, especially in terms of standards and verifying the gig platform to ensure that individuals who want to participate in this economic model are protected from job scams. 

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“This includes ensuring that all platforms that wish to offer services or operate in Malaysia must be registered with the government through MDEC to be verified, especially in terms of personal data management,” said Mohd Redzuan, according to Bernama.