Henkel starts worldwide digital upskilling initiative

Henkel has launched a digital upskilling initiative for its 53,000 employees around the world, to meet the demands of digitalisation.
By: | April 8, 2019


Meeting the challenging demands that digitalisation poses on the workforce, Henkel has launched a digital upskilling initiative for its 53,000 employees around the world.

The company is currently analysing the status quo by assessing the digital knowledge of its people. This serves as the basis for new digital training offers that will clearly target future business needs.

“In an increasingly challenging and volatile environment, we need to stay ahead of the game. Digitalisation has a huge impact on our work environment,” said Sylvie Nicol, Corporate Senior Vice President of Global HR.

“We need to know where our organisation stands, in order to systematically advance the skills of our employees. That’s why we joined forces with our Chief Digital Officer and his team to drive this company-wide initiative, which will significantly support the e-transformation of our organisation.”

“Digital transformation offers us the opportunity to strengthen and extend our global business. This can only be fully leveraged when the whole organisation has the right mindset and knowledge to drive this together,” said Dr Rahmyn Kress, Chief Digital Officer of Henkel.


How to upskill people around the world

Henkel has introduced a new approach by launching a global, company-wide digital upskilling initiative. The first step is a profound analysis of the status quo.

Based on anonymous online self-assessments, Henkel is evaluating the employees’ digital skills. These comprise tests on general knowledge in a playful way, htas well as an advanced review of experts’ skills targeted to specific job roles.

The results help Henkel to understand how digitally savvy the employees are and what kind of training they need.

Based on the results, Henkel will develop tailored training recommendations, matching the “ideal future skill set-up” captured in the framework. Training will focus on aspects such as analytics, eCommerce or sourcing the future work force.


Tailor-made, personalised learning platform

The specific training for digital skills and knowledge are offered on a new learning platform, that has been launched to support all employees on their digital learning journey.

It has been developed together with Cornerstone, a leader in cloud-based talent management software.

Employees will benefit from the intuitive platform, which offers engaging learning experiences and truly personalised content.

This encourages constant upskilling and learning on-demand, while perfectly responding to the users’ individual needs.

“In this transformation process, our people are key. We want to ensure that they have the digital skills and knowledge that is needed – now and in the future,” said Nicol.

“Driving such a change is a challenge, as we have a highly diverse global team of over 50,000 individuals with many different backgrounds and job profiles. This change will not happen overnight but is a journey that will last three to five years.”