Indonesia’s unemployment figure drops to 7 million

Thanks to the growth of certain sectors, unemployment in Indonesia is now at 7 million, down from 7.04 million in the previous year.
By: | November 8, 2018

Statistics Indonesia (BPS) reported that Indonesia saw lower unemployment figures in August. Unemployment was at 5.34% and down to 7 million from 7.04 million in August, 2017.

BPS head Suhariyanto noted that “unemployment rate in urban areas was higher than in villages,” with the number of manpower standing at 131.01 million in August.

The informal sector remains a critical component of the economy, as the BPS data showed that it contributed 56.84% in employment nationwide, a slight decrease of 0.19% from August last year.

Meanwhile, the hospitality and food and beverage industry contributed 0.47% to the slight increase in employment. This was followed by the manufacturing industry at 0.21%, and transportation at 0.17%.

The agricultural, service and education sectors also contributed to the decline in unemployment.