Kenyan employees say healthcare is the best perk

A new study has found that professional workers in Nairobi value company-sponsored healthcare above all other corporate benefits.
By: | July 19, 2019

Nairobi-based employees value employer-funded medical cover schemes more than any other erks, a survey by global consulting firm Mercer has found.

The Mercer study found that 89% of highly-skilled workers in Nairobi ranked employer-subsidised health and wellness programmes as their best motivation to live and work in the Kenyan capital.

Subsidised insurance benefits were rated above even security, safety, and lack of violence, which were cited by about 67% of workers who participated in the survey as one of the top reasons to stay in or leave their city.

“Employers believe workers prioritise money and other work-related factors when deciding whether to switch cities. But this isn’t the case,” the report titled People First: Driving Growth in Emerging Megacities, states.

“Most important to workers are the human and social factors essential to the quality of life, These include overall life satisfaction, security, and safety, and proximity to family and friends.”