Malaysia halts intake of Bangladeshi workers

The Malaysian government has suspended the national migration system used to hire workers specifically from Bangladesh.
By: | August 28, 2018

The Malaysian government has reportedly decided to temporarily suspend the system for hiring workers from Bangladesh starting from next month.

Bangladesh’s Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training has said that, starting September 1, the Foreign Worker Application System – Sistem Pengambilan Pekerja (SPPA), will be put on hold.

Recruitment agencies use the system for various manpower activities, including visa approval.

Malaysia has two online systems that allow employers to recruit foreign workers. SPPA was used for workers from Bangladesh, while the Integrated Workers Management Systems is used for the intake of foreign workers from all other source countries.

The suspension of SPPA reportedly affects 10 private agencies from Bangladesh that send workers to Malaysia.

The reason for Malaysia’s suspension of SPPA is as yet unclear.