More employees are prioritising mental health over their careers

Employers can do more to improve the wellbeing of their employees so they can advance their careers with the organisation.
By: | March 28, 2023

As employees continue to redefine their priorities in the wake of the pandemic and an uncertain job market, mental health is emerging as a top priority for many.

According to a new report by Oyster, half of global knowledge employees are placing mental health as their top priority as they re-evaluate their long-term career trajectory and reset boundaries on work-life balance.

Tony Jamous, Co-Founder and CEO of Oyster, goes one step further by saying that mental health is a necessary condition for career advancement. “It’s necessary because you want to be in positive mental health to be able to look forward to career advancement. You cannot move forward with your career when you’re experiencing shaky mental health,” he explained.

Organisations should also pay more attention to the stress, anxiety, and burnout their employees may be facing, with over half of employees surveyed (54%) saying their work and ability to focus has been impacted by their external environment.

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While providing mental health support can help employees, organisations should also offer flexible work options and openly discuss and address issues that arise. Otherwise, they risk creating disengagement with employees, who then place even more priority on mental health over career advancement.