New Zealand introduces Fair Pay Agreements Bill

The Fair Pay Agreements Bill has been introduced to Parliament to lift incomes and improve working conditions, especially of medium and lower earners.
By: | April 1, 2022

Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Wood said, “At the heart of the Government’s economic recovery plan is people. We know when we invest in New Zealanders, they have greater opportunities to prosper, provide for their families, and contribute to our nation’s success.”

He said fair pay agreements (FPAs) are part of the government’s programme focused to lift the wages of those earning low to medium incomes. And ensuring better wages for employees is more essential now as the economic pressures caused by the war in Ukraine impact kiwis.

“For too long, New Zealanders working in critical roles like cleaners and bus drivers, whose work is keeping our country going during the pandemic, have lacked bargaining power to seek better wages and conditions. We want to turn that around and ensure workers get a fair go again. We’re proud to be a government that backs everyday kiwis.

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“These agreements will improve wages and conditions for employees, encourage businesses to invest in training, and level the playing field so that employers who are trying hard to offer fair terms don’t get undercut and disadvantaged,” he said.

The Bill will go through a full Select Committee process and is expected to pass all stages this year, according to Scoop.