No change to minimum wage in Myanmar

The minimum daily wage will remain at Ks4,800 (US$2.67) as decided by the National Committee on Minimum Wage.
By: | January 3, 2022

The National Committee on Minimum Wage made the decision after holding tripartite talks with employers, employees and the government in accordance with Section 10, Sub-section (d) of the Minimum Wage Act-2013.

The country’s daily minimum wage was raised to Ks4,800 (US$2.67) in 2018 or Ks600 (US$0.33) per hour for an eight-hour day, and remained unchanged through 2021.

Although the Minimum Wage Law must be reviewed every two years in accordance with the sub-section (h) of Section-5, some factories had closed down, while others had to lay-off workers due to the pandemic. As such, the procedures for the Amendment of Minimum Wage Law were postponed. If the pandemic situation stabilises, a review will be carried out, said the Labour Department.

The daily minimum wage in Myanmar was Ks3,600 (US$2.0) from 2015 to 2017 before being raised to Ks4,800 (US$2.67) in 2018 and remained unchanged through 2021.

Currently, there are rumors on social media that the labour ministry has decreased the daily minimum wage to Ks3,600 (US$2.0), said the Labour Department, according to Eleven Myanmar.