Non-regular employment grows 2.4% year-on-year in Japan

As of August, 67.51 million people were employed in Japan, of which almost a third are those not in formal employment.
By: | October 5, 2022
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Non-regular workers in Japan have risen by 2.4% year-on-year, totalling 21.21 million in August 2022, Statistics Japan has revealed. Non-regular workers in the country include temporary workers, dispatch workers, contractors, part-time workers and those who are not in formal employment.

Meanwhile, the number of dispatched workers from temporary labour agencies rose 2.8% year-on-year, to 1.49 million, while the number of temporary workers rose 7.1% to 4.68 million.

By sector, the number of employed workers increased the most in the Information and Communication industry (7.1%), and fell the most (4.9%) in the Scientific Research, Professional and Technical Services sector.

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In August, Japan’s number of unemployed totalled 1.77 million, down 8.8% over the year. Over the same period, the number of employed persons registered at 67.51 million, up 0.2% over the year. The nation’s job availability ratio was 1.32 in August, an increase from 1.29 over the previous month. This means that there are 100 jobseekers for every 132 jobs in the labour market.