PayPal wants more women to enter tech sector

There is a huge imbalance when it comes to gender in the dynamic technology space.
By: | August 26, 2019
Topics: DE&I | News | Singapore

One of the world’s leading online payment systems wants to encourage more females in Singapore to pursue careers in technology. To help in this mission, PayPal has launched the Women Luminaries Program (WLP) to empower female students passionate about technology to pursue a career in the field.

Not only will it offer three scholarships to students at Singapore universities, it will give them access to PayPal’s network of mentors and industry experts for career guidance. On top of this, those female students chosen will be able to apply for internship opportunities at PayPal and gain exposure to real-life scenarios and problem-solving.

Many tech companies are looking at bringing in more women into their workforces, realising the many benefits that come from gender diversity. In Singapore, women only occupy about 25% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) jobs.

“In building the fintech ecosystem, it is important that we promote women in engineering by nurturing female tech talent and provide them with opportunities that would help them stay in the industry and become leaders,’’ says Jerry Tso, Director, PayPal Singapore’s Development Center.