RCA2018: Best Corporate – Healthcare Group

Alliance Healthcare held out a strong field to be named HRM Magazine Asia readers’ choice in the healthcare group category for 2018.
By: | October 11, 2018


Amid a landscape of rising medical costs in Asia-Pacific, Dr Barry Thng, CEO of Alliance Healthcare (pictured), says there is often a temptation to find short-term solutions that take away from customer care and support over the longer term.  But Alliance Healthcare’s win in the Best Healthcare Group category shows there is still some value given to its strategy of building greater efficiencies across its portfolio of services.

“Alliance has resisted the temptation of adopting short-term solutions in managing rising healthcare costs,” he said. “Instead, we focus on making quality healthcare more efficient, cost-effective and accessible.”

“For example, we have convinced the specialist outpatient clinics at 11 Government Restructured Hospitals and seven Accident and Emergency departments at these hospitals to offer cashless services to our clients.”

In another example, Alliance’s investments in digital technologies and big data analysis have enabled it to offer targeted and customised solutions to clients, in order to maximise the returns of their healthcare expenditure.

It was these sorts of strategies that helped to build support for Alliance in this category. “Winning the award for Best Corporate – Healthcare Group is a vote of confidence from our clients and a recognition of our efforts to bring about affordable, quality healthcare to employees amidst escalating healthcare costs,” Dr Thng said.