How Gpayroll is redefining payroll in Asia-Pacific

HR technology isn't just for the big boys – smaller companies can still gain the benefits of sleek and easy-to-use HR platforms.
By: | June 17, 2019


 RenQun Huang of Gpayroll highlights how smaller companies can still gain the benefits of sleek and easy-to-use HR platforms.

What is Gpayroll’s mission in the area of HR?

We’re on a long-term mission to redefine and revolutionise the payroll industry by changing what ought to be a manual and complex task in a meaningful way.

Payroll is complex, tedious, time consuming and doesn’t add value to growing your business – but it is essential. This is the problem that we want to solve, especially so for SMEs, who may not be able to afford enterprise software for their payroll needs.

Business owners need to watch out for payroll errors and declaring taxable income incorrectly as this can result in hefty penalty fees. Payroll software can minimise errors and streamlines the payroll processes.

Who would benefit most from your technology?

SME business owners, HR professionals and accountants benefit the most from our software. Every business needs payroll. There are also business outsourcing providers who provide payroll outsourcing services.

Our software is affordable, easy to use and scalable. This fits in to SMEs who are tight on budget. Payroll is already stressful enough for HR professionals, accountants and they just need the software to be user friendly.

Instead of them trying to get the software to work, it should be the other way round. Our software works its way out for them automatically, allowing them to enjoy a peace of mind.

Gpayroll at the HR Festival Asia PitchFest

How does it stand out from the crowd?

Most payroll solutions in the market today solve only half the burden by providing calculations only. This is where Gpayroll stands out. It covers not only payroll calculations but also automates provident funds, tax filings ( AutoFiling) and salary disbursement (AutoWage).

The time saving from payroll administration can be used to work on improving employee benefits and engagement. This helps to maintain a very healthy relationship between the employee and the employer.

For business outsourcing providers, our software ensures that their clients’ employees are paid on time. Payroll process is automated by schedule and regulatory updates are handled automatically in the background.

You recently emerged tops at the inaugural HR Festival Asia PitchFest. What was that experience like?

It was been a great experience. It is exciting to see the rise of HR Tech space with great ideas coming from the startups. It also gave us the opportunity to make new friends, as well as catching up with existing ones in the HR community.

At the same time, we are proud to be the winner of the HR Festival Asia PitchFest.

We have done several pitching in previous conferences but not in the HR space. Our past experiences enabled us to fine tune and polish our skill and HR Festival PitchFest was a perfect opportunity for us to showcase our solution to the HR community. We want to thank HRM Asia for giving us the opportunity.

What is the in the future for Gpayroll?

We grow together with our clients and this means that as our clients grow, they will need a more comprehensive solution to cater to their payroll & HR needs. As such, we are introducing new online HR modules that are integrated with the existing solutions.

This provides a seamless payroll and HR experience in a single platform for its clients.

Presently, most of our clients are SMEs. However, we are also looking to work with multi-national corporations that need a regional platform to support their payroll and HR needs.

Gpayroll is present in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Macau, South Korea and is looking at expanding to other countries such as Japan and Indonesia in the near future.

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