Remote working is increasingly popular around the world

A new report reveals remote work has made significant progress across the globe and has positive impact on employee satisfaction.
By: | October 30, 2018


Recent research conducted by US video conferencing company Owl Labs shows that remote working has made significant progress across the globe, with employees increasingly viewing hybrid and remote employment options as the new normal.

The 2018 Global State of Remote Work report showes that more than half (56%) of companies polled offer both remote and in-office options, with employees working remotely at least once a month being 24% happier than those who never did.

Additionally, 52% of respondents work remotely at least once a week and this number is only growing.

Overall, respondents in all fields believe that remote work leads to more opportunities for quality employment, with finance and insurance professionals leading at 40%.

The report was based on data from more than 3,000 employees across six continents. It analysed how remote work impacts employment opportunities, job satisfaction, and access to work around the world.