Singapore launches campaign to curb workplace discrimination

The Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) has kicked off a campaign to stamp out workplace discrimination.
By: | April 6, 2022

The campaign, called ‘Workplace Discrimination. Know it to end it’, highlights how a person’s work performance is not based on their age, race, gender, family responsibilities or family.

It does this through a film created by BBDO that features a diverse cast of gender, age, family responsibilities and race. The cast emphasises that by knowing and acting fast on biases happening around them, they can do their part to create a fair and inclusive workplace for everyone.

“Our campaign ‘Workplace Discrimination. Know it to end it.’ not only aims to raise awareness of workplace discrimination, especially in areas of age, gender, family responsibilities and race, but also establishes TAFEP as a resource and recource centre for any individual who is facing or has experienced workplace discrimination and needs help, or employers who need assistance in implementing fair and progressive employment practices,” said Lorraine Paul, assistant director of marketing communications at TAFEP.

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“It is through the acknowledgment of our unconscious biases, which may lead to discriminatory thoughts and behaviors, that we can actively take the first step towards creating a fair and inclusive workplace, where everyone is respected at the workplace,” she added, according to The Drum.