Some 140,000 employers sign up for Hong Kong government subsidy

The scheme subsidises the wages of some 1.2 million workers up to HK$8,000 over the months of May, June, and July.
By: | May 12, 2022

Some 140,000 employers in Hong Kong have signed up for the city’s latest distribution of the Employment Support Scheme, as applications close this Thursday.

The scheme subsidises the wages of workers up to HK$8,000 (US$1,019) over the months of May, June and July. The number of applications received was in line with the government’s expectation of 160,000, said Chief Executive Carrie Lam.

The current scheme protects a total of 1.2 million workers, and around 45,000 employers will be notified of their successful application, noted Lam. 

“Socio-economic activities appear to have picked up again — the catering industry is doing quite well, the retail sector has seen more sales. Despite that, the measures we have earlier announced about supporting businesses and Hong Kong’s employment will continue. We will work as quickly as possible to process the submissions and apply for funding,” said Lam. 

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Hong Kong has begun easing COVID-19 restrictions. Eateries are now allowed to seat eight people per table, and masks are no longer required for strenuous exercises in outdoor areas.