Some graduates in Japan struggle to find right job fit

The most common reason new graduates gave for leaving a job within three years was that the “job was not a good match” (40.1%), according to a survey.
By: | May 26, 2022

This was followed by 31.0% stating it was due to “working hours and leave conditions” and 27.4% because of “salary conditions”.

These were the findings of a survey conducted by the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengō) from late February through early March 2022, focusing on university graduates who were in their second to fifth year after beginning full-time employment.

As for the top reason for choosing their first company after graduating, an overwhelming majority of 33.9% said because it offered “indefinite employment (a regular position)”. This was followed by 20.7% being “interested in the type of work” and 20.1% feeling it was “rewarding work”.

Work-life balance was also shown to be a factor, with the ratio of responses mentioning benefit packages, annual leave, and not having to transfer all receiving more than 10%.

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In addition, the survey showed that 66.8% of respondents (including those currently on childcare or other leave) were still working at the first company they joined. Looking at those who no longer worked at their first company, 7.7% had left within the first six months, 6.2% after six months to one year, 10.4% after one to two years, and 5.2% after two to three years. Almost 30% in total had left their initial employment within the first three years.

The survey received 1,000 valid responses, according to