Taiwan’s job market sees increased demand for AI-related roles

Demand for AI expertise is surging as employers seek individuals proficient in ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.
By: | July 27, 2023

Taiwan’s job market is witnessing a surge in AI-related job openings, surpassing 26,000 with an expected 10% wage increase for skilled AI jobseekers.

According to online job bank 104, as of July, 60% of the 26,390 AI-related job openings originated from the electronics, software, and semiconductor industries. Additionally, traditional manufacturers contributed to around 20% of the openings, while the service sector, encompassing retail, wholesale, direct selling, legal, and accounting businesses, accounted for nearly 10%.

Delving further, the job bank identified that a majority of AI-related job, a significant 15,343 in number, were concentrated within the local high-tech sector, comprising approximately 58.2% of the total openings. Traditional manufacturing industries offered 5,171 positions, constituting 19.6% of the overall count.

In the service sector, the retail, wholesale, and direct selling industries sought 1,540 AI-skilled employees, amounting to roughly 5.8% of the total openings. The legal, accounting, consultancy, research and development, and design industries created 1,047 AI-related job opportunities, accounting for 4% of the total. An additional 858 openings were available in the financial and insurance industry, representing 3.3% of the total.

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Neil Li, Chief Data Officer of 104, emphasised that employers were recruiting individuals with expertise in AI applications such as ChatGPT. Moreover, candidates skilled in Midjourney, an image-generation tool that transforms text prompts into art, were also in high demand, along with those proficient in Stable Diffusion, a deep-learning text-to-image model.

Within the AI-related jobs offered by traditional industries, the job bank highlighted the need for AI marketing specialists who would collaborate with teams to strategise promotional campaigns, both offline and online. These specialists are expected to leverage AI technology to optimise business-to-business international marketing activities and manage social media presence, reported Focus Taiwan.