Tech companies continue to push for return to office

Apple, Amazon, and Twitter are just some of the tech companies that are now making it mandatory for employees to return to the office.
By: | March 28, 2023

Apple has reportedly threatened to take action against employees who refuse to come into the office at least three days a week.  According to Platformer, Apple is tracking employee attendance via badge records and will give employees escalating warnings if they do not come in at least three times a week.

Since last September, Apple has required all corporate employees to work from the office on three selected days, including Tuesday, Thursday, and a third regular day selected by team leaders.

This prompted a group of Apple employees to raise a petition against the return-to-office (RTO) directive, arguing that decisions on flexible work arrangements be left up to individuals and their immediate managers.

Apple is not the only tech company that has rejected calls from employees to allow them to continue working remotely.

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Beth Galetti, Amazon’s Senior Vice President, HR, recently rejected a petition from about 30,000 employees calling for the RTO directive by CEO Andy Jassy to be cancelled. She claimed that employees returning to the office will increase Amazon’s ability to deliver for customers, bolster culture, and help grow and develop employees.

Meanwhile, Twitter CEO Elon Musk, has reportedly emailed Twitter staff to emphasise that employees would not be permitted to work remotely. Prior to Musk’s acquisition of the social media platform, Twitter had established a permanent work-from-anywhere arrangement for its employees.