Facebook group in Australia opposes job posts requiring jabs

A Facebook group “Jobs Without Jabs Australia” with 20,000 members is opposing the vaccination requirement for jobs.
By: | September 15, 2021

The group’s description reads “Freedom of choice without medical coercion. A free Australia for all, not a two-tiered society. This is a job noticeboard to connect employers and employees.” 

This comes as Australia prepares for life beyond lockdown once the government’s 80% vaccination target has been met. 

The public group has a number of posts from young workers in food chains concerned about losing their financial stability, insisting they are “definitely not going to get the vaccination”. 

One post read, “We’ve just received a video from the founder of our company saying that everyone that visits our restaurant will have to have the jab which means all co-workers will also have to have it by early October. I can’t afford to lose my job as I’m under a lot of financial pressure right now, but I know I’m definitely not going to get the vaccination. Thank you.” 

Other posts encouraged anti-vaxxers to consider leaving their industry due to vaccine mandates to simply “work for themselves”. “Get an ABN, do dump runs, start a delivery service, buy /sell second-hand furniture, clean, busk, make products, sell online. Do whatever you have to make it work,” one read. 

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The group has already set up an alternative Telegram group, bracing itself for potential removal.  “If you’re on Telegram, join the group there also in case this gets taken down,” the group’s administrator posted, according to news.com.au.