HRM Asia’s Top Stories for June, 2018

Catch up on's top stories for June 2018. This month: Samsonite CEO's CV fraud, employee recognition, and more.
By: | July 2, 2018

We’re officially past the halfway line for 2018. Let’s take a quick look back at the top stories of June on


5. Q&A with CP Group’s Chief People Officer Kulshaan Singh 

In this exclusive interview with HRM Magazine Asia, the newly-appointed Chief People Officer of Thai conglomerate CP Group Kulshaan Singh talks about his plans to be a bridge between the business and its people.

4. HRM Five: Fun ways to recognise employees

In this edition of HRM Five, journalist Yamini Chinnuswamy suggests some tips on how organisations can reward deserving staff in ways that will be appreciated — and hopefully increase retention and engagement.

3. JP Morgan’s Kwang Kam Shing talks diversity, robots, and change 

In the cover story for the month’s issue of HRM Magazine Asia, we talk to the Asia CEO for JP Morgan Private Banking about what it means to be a woman in leadership, and how the bank has taken on automation has

2. Japan to bring in 500,000 foreign workers

Japan wants to ramp up employment in severely short-handed sectors over the next seven years, and so is  creating new work permits to attract foreigners to the country.

1. CEO quits following claims of résumé fraud

Ramesh Tainwala, the CEO of luggage maker Samsonite, resigned after a self-proclaimed “activist” investment fund group accused him of having false claims on his résumé.