Trump resort worker has no regret speaking out about abuse

A Trump resort worker living in the US illegally says she does not regret speaking out about experiencing workplace abuse.
By: | December 12, 2018


A Trump resort worker living in the US illegally has spoken out about facing abusive working conditions at US President Donald Trump’s New Jersey golf club, despite the risk of deportation and job termination.

Victorina Morales was working as a maid, and told Associated Press in an interview, that she had to speak out for other undocumented workers mocked by supervisors as “donkeys” and “dogs”.

“We need to come out and defend ourselves,” said Morales. “I had enough with suffering.”

At least a dozen other workers at the Trump National Golf Club are reported not to have legal documentation, according to Morales.

Morales, along with another worker at the club, Sandra Diaz, said that their supervisors knew they used fake documents to get hired, and many other of its employees also lack proper documents.

Both claimed to work as maids at Trump’s house at the club, and were aggravated by his comments regarding illegal immigrants in the US as violent. They said this may have triggered uncontrollable verbal abuse towards the resort.

“The president says that in the places he owns he does not hire any undocumented workers. …It is a lie,” said Diaz, who worked at the club in 2010 to 2013.

In a separate emailed statement, the Trump Organisation defended their strict hiring practices and said any undocumented workers with phony papers will be kicked out.

Instead, Morales said that a supervisor at the club assisted in retrieving fake papers, while another physically and verbally threatened her with deportation if she resisted.

Both Morales and Diaz are now threatening the Trump Organisation with a lawsuit for workplace abuse and discrimination.