Vietnam launches digital-transformation programme

The digital-transformation programme is designed to help enterprises, cooperatives, and household businesses in their digitalisation efforts.
By: | September 8, 2021

Initiated by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the programme is expected to help a wide-range of businesses speed up their digital transformation through changes in the awareness, mindset, and strategies of enterprises, as well as to provide them with incentives to digitalise their business, administration, and production activities from 2021 to 2025. 

The programme aims to improve digital transformation of all participating production facilities by 2025, with about 500,000 of them receiving assistance from the programme like training, consultancy and access to digital solutions. 

Beneficiaries include at least 800 firms, 100 cooperatives and 4,000 household businesses from the processing, manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and some production sectors. 

A network of experts will be set up, pooling at least 500 organisations and individuals to provide consultancy in digital transformation and a database with at least 100 digital-transformation solutions. To achieve the objectives of the programme, the ministry will facilitate and organise activities for the relevant parties. 

The programme will develop and raise the capacity of experts in digital transformation according to global standards and trends, and connect them to potential production facilities. 

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Selected production facilities which have the capacity and commit to adopting digital transformation will be provided with a roadmap for digital transformation, and need to pay only 50% of the consultancy costs. 

The programme will be funded by the State budget, both at central and local levels, and contributions by organisations, individuals and businesses, according to VNA.