What do next-gen leaders want in 2023? 

Key elements to attract emerging millennial and Gen Z workforce include flexibility, learning and development, and purpose-driven work. 
By: | May 10, 2023

As the millennial and Gen Z workforce continues to grow, organisations are recognising the need to create a working environment that meets their unique needs. And these generations are full of the talent that organisations need to thrive and develop, Courtney Grigg, General Manager of Generation Thrive, a social enterprise of Youth Opportunities Australia, explained in her article What Emerging Leaders Want at Work In 2023, published in The CEO Magazine.

The article, which touts the combination of millennials and Gen Z as the biggest workforce by 2025, identified key elements that must be put in place to attract the best and brightest of that generation. These include flexibility to create work-life balance, investment in ongoing learning and development, recognition and rewarding achievements, inclusivity and diversity, innovation and tech-savvy workplaces, genuine connection and authentic leadership, and purpose-driven work.

Grigg pointed out that these elements are important to both millennials and Gen Z in the workplace, as they seek to learn and improve from past generations. “Emerging leaders want to work in collaborative environments where they can build genuine and respectful relationships with their peers and leaders,” she wrote. “They want to feel connected to the wider team and community and see how their work contributes to the bigger picture.”

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To attract the next generation of great leaders, organisations must stand out as attractive places of work and adapt to meet this generation’s needs. This requires learning and understanding their values and thought processes to create a working environment that allows them to thrive. Grigg concluded that by implementing these elements, organisations can create a workplace culture that attracts and retains the best talent.