Business expenses reveal a lot more about you than you think

What staff put on their company expenses can tell a lot about their attitudes toward their employer, giving a snapshot of how happy they are.
By: | September 20, 2019

Filing your business expenses is not a task most people enjoy. But it can reveal a lot about you, how you feel about your employer and your attitude towards money in general.

Based on corporate research and insights from psychologists that spoke to the Wall Street Journal, employees can be broken down into a variety of company-expense-reporting types.

For example, there’s the sidestepper – the person who finds it too confusing and tedious to file them, so doesn’t bother. They resent the time needed to scan receipts, list contacts and items claimed for. Others don’t file as they fear confrontation with a manger who may question the expenses.

At the opposite end, there’s the payback artist, who files for every cent spent as they feel they are underpaid by their boss. Feeling undervalued, they use their expense account to voice their resentment.

So alongside data science and predictive analytics, take a look at your employees’ expenses regularly to see who’s happy and who’s not.