21,500 Malaysians lost jobs this year: HR Minister

Half of those laid off were from the greater Kuala Lumpur area of Klang Valley, according to the country's HR minister.
By: | December 25, 2018


Malaysia’s human resource minister has revealed that from 1st January to the 7th December, 2018 at least 21,532 Malaysians were made redundant.

HR minister M. Kulasegaran said around half of those laid off were workers from Klang Valley, which is sometimes also referred to as Greater Kuala Lumpur.

Others were from Selangor (5,902 or 27.4%), Kuala Lumpur city (4,767 or 22.1%), Johor (2,536 or 11.8%), and Penang (1,328 or 6.2%).

He added that 7,755 of those who lost their jobs were in high-paying positions as managers, professionals and technicians.

Speaking at the National Labour Advisory Council meeting at Parliament House in Kuala Lumpur, Kulasegaran said that the massive layoffs were caused by changes in industries and the fast pace of the employment market.

To help those made redundant get back into work, the Social Security Organisation has been actively involved in job placements, and as of 7th December, some 6,292 people were rehired in various occupations and industries.