A data-driven Philippine workforce on the cards for 2020

Technology and digitalisation will shape hiring and requirement trends across the Philippines next year, according to a new salary survey.
By: | December 3, 2019

Businesses in the Philippines in 2020 will take on a more data-driven approach, strengthening the demand for technologically and digitally savvy professionals. Many of them will see organisation-wide transformations.

Professionals with a commercial mindset who can leverage their industry expertise with available data and new technology platforms to make effective business decisions will be in greater demand. These are some of the findings from the Robert Walters Salary Survey 2020.

The specialist recruitment firm predicts a rise in demand for hybrid skills and ‘glocal’ talent while potential and transferable skills are expected to be in stronger demand as more companies embrace digitalisation.

‘Glocal’ talent refers to professionals with expertise both locally and internationally. This gives them experience of more than one culture, mindset and market, which will be critical as more companies embrace internationalisation.

Robert Walters Philippines says the continued shift to digitalisation will also boost demand for risk and compliance professionals, who will play an essential role in helping companies tackle the evolving regulatory requirements across the region.

The growth of digital banking, fintech and online payment solutions will continue to be the driving force for regulatory roles, and tech talent in general.