New benchmarking tool aims to uplift Australia’s workplace standards

The benchmarking tool is designed to help organisations focus on employee wellbeing and improve organisational leadership.
By: | September 15, 2022

Australia hopes that it can uplift national workplace standards through a new benchmarking tool.

Called the Australian Workplace Index (AWI), the tool is developed in partnership between University of Newcastle and The Australian National University to uplift work performance in organisations across the country. 

“If businesses want to excel and see results then they need to focus on the wellbeing of their staff and the leadership style of their organisation,” said Professor Kieron Meagher, economist at The Australian National University.

With unemployment at its lowest levels in a decade, being an employer of choice was about more than just pay,  he explained. 

“If we can set a national benchmark of best practice when it comes to high performing workplaces then we can help other organisations work towards achieving that, increase their productivity and empower their employees to be the best they can be at work,” added Christina Boedker, University of Newcastle Professor.

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The AWI survey revealed that on average, workers accomplish only three quarters, or 76% of their daily tasks, and employees who work for an empowering leader are 15% more productive in their jobs.