Calling Asia-based HR for Global HR Systems Survey

The 22nd year of the comprehensive research project by Sierra Cedar is set to look specifically at the experiences of HR professionals in Asia-Pacific.
By: | June 10, 2019

Participate in the survey here.

The Sierra-Cedar 2019–2020 HR Systems Survey, 22ndAnnual Edition is now available, and organisers are keen to get a fresh understanding of Asia-based HR professionals specifically. This is the 22nd year of the survey, which takes in the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of HR leaders from throughout the world.

Topics covered in this year’s research include:

  • Strategy, process, and structure
  • Adoption of all HR Technology applications
  • HR Analytics and workforce planning
  • Deployment roadmaps, resourcing, and budgeting
  • Implementation, maintenance, and integration
  • Emerging and innovative technology

Participants will receive a personalised data snapshot, filtered by company size, industry, or region, as well as an advanced copy of the Sierra-Cedar 2019-2020 HR Systems Survey White Paper, which will be released in October, 2019.

The survey results will be launched at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas over October 1 to 4, 2019, with an Asia-Pacific-focused presentation on local results to debut at HR Tech Festival Asia in May, 2020.

You can participate in the survey by following this link today.