Cambodian unions call for 11.6% increase to minimum wage

Representatives of 17 national unions have agreed to ask for a US$22.20 increase to the minimum wage for textile, garment and footwear workers for 2022.
By: | September 9, 2021

This came after the representatives held a meeting both in-person and online to set an amount during negotiations.  

Collective Union of Movement of Workers president Pav Sina said the proposed increase would bump workers’ wages to about US$214.20 per month in 2022. 

Sina said, “We see now that workers’ benefits are being lost. So, if a wage increase is small and they keep losing benefits, it means that workers suffer again. I think our proposal is a response to workers’ losses in the past which may continue in the future.” However, he added that the proposed figure can be negotiated. 

In response, Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia deputy secretary-general Kaing Monika said, “A demand for an increase of more than 11% during this global crisis is absolutely not appropriate. It’s economically wrong and definitely scares off existing investors and potential investors.” 

He also said that there were other high costs which businesses had to absorb to operate during this period and hoped the union would be more reasonable in their final demands. 

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In September, the National Council on Minimum Wage (NCMW) will conduct a consultation meeting to decide on workers’ wages in the textile, garment and footwear industries for next year. 

The minimum wage for textile, garment and footwear workers this year was increased from US$190 to US$192 per month, according to The Phnom Penh Post.