Khmer Enterprise in Cambodia signs agreement to support SMEs

Under the agreement, SMEs and startups in Cambodia will receive support in the form of expertise and resources.
By: | September 8, 2021

Khmer Enterprise, funded by the Cambodian government, has signed an agreement with the American Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia to build and promote a supportive ecosystem for SMEs and entrepreneurs in the country. 

Under the partnership, AmCham will “provide capacity upgrading, mentorship and share information on American business in Cambodia to support the initiative as part of the agreement”, according to the press statement. 

AmCham hopes that it would be able to support the SMEs and startups in Cambodia by providing expertise and resources.  

The agreement “solidifies a cooperative relationship whereby both have reciprocal commitments to support a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and cultivate entrepreneurial activities driving innovation and value-added creation in Cambodia’s economy,” it added. 

Under the framework, both parties will hold joint and co-branded events, training workshops, seminars, business matchings, business promotions, pitching events and entrepreneurial culture promotions. 

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“We wholeheartedly embrace this opportunity to unite with Khmer Enterprise in providing the resources, expertise and network to develop and advance the business marketplace and economy in the Kingdom, in support of start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs,” said Anthony Galliano, AmCham president.