Companies in Japan offer vaccination leave for workers to receive jabs

Businesses are hoping to create an environment where workers can make vaccination appointments easily, which will hasten the vaccination process.
By: | May 3, 2021

Some companies in Japan have begun offering vaccination leave for workers, hoping that by making it easy for their staff to receive jabs, the vaccination process could be hastened. 

Workers in Nippon Life Insurance will be able to take a dedicated paid leave on the day of their vaccination appointment. The company will also allow its staff to take a leave of absence on the day after the vaccination due to probable side effects. This will not count as an absence due to sickness, which grants workers lower pay. 

“We hope employees will not postpone getting vaccinated because they are worried about their work or the availability of paid leave,” said an employee-in-charge, according to The Japan News. 

At Kuboi Ink, the company will award employees who receive their jabs an incentive of ¥10,000 (US$92). 

“The coronavirus pandemic is affecting our business performance. We want to create an environment where employees who want to be vaccinated can do so at ease so that the pandemic can be brought under control as soon as possible,” said Shinsuke Kuboi, president of Kuboi Ink.

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Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan also announced on April 15 that its staff, including part-time workers, will be allowed to receive their vaccination shots during working hours. Should they suffer side effects from their jabs, they can apply for a special day off on the day, and the day after.