Employee wellbeing takes centre stage at Vena Energy

Vena Energy was honoured for its holistic wellbeing and employee engagement programme, which prioritises nurturing employees’ lives.
By: | June 13, 2024

Imagine a workplace where every employee feels not just valued, but cherished. This is not just a utopian dream; it is the reality at Vena Energy, a Singapore-headquartered power producer and renewable energy developer recently recognised with the HR Fest Awards 2024’s Best Workplace Culture & Engagement (above 500 employees) honour.

Their secret weapon? A holistic welfare and engagement programme called V-Evolution that goes beyond traditional perks and instead prioritises nurturing every aspect of an employee’s life.

Speaking with HRM Magazine Asia, Anna Ho, CHRO of Vena Energy, said, “Most of our employees believe that our unwavering commitment to nurturing every aspect of our employees’ lives resonates most with the judges of HR Fest Awards 2024. Just like it resonates with most of them personally.”

“Through V-Evolution, we transcend the mundane to embrace the extraordinary, catering to the diverse needs of our workforce.”

V-Evolution encompasses three pillars of support—#MeCare, #MeHealth, and #MeTime—and this commitment is evident in the everyday experiences of Vena Energy’s employees. Under the banner of #MeTime, birthday leave and sabbaticals are readily available, dismantling the notion that work-life balance is a distant ideal. Flexible work arrangements are a cornerstone of the organisation’s culture, empowering employees to navigate their professional and personal commitments.

But Vena Energy understands that wellbeing extends far beyond the number of hours spent at the office. Their #MeHealth pillar champions a holistic approach to physical and mental wellness. Fertility support, mindfulness apps, and even subsidised activities ensure employees have the tools and resources to thrive.

“Yet, perhaps the most profound aspect of our culture lies in #MeCare,” Anna continued. “At Vena Energy, compassion knows no bounds. We extend our concern beyond the individual to encompass the community at large. Volunteer leave empowers our employees to make a difference, while inclusive family care supports not just partners and children, but extended family members and even beloved pets.”

Vena Energy’s dedication to equity is also evident in their Women’s Empowerment programme, as she explained, “Our Women Empowerment programme encourages our team to envision possibilities, break free from cultural norms, and believe in their potential for personal and professional growth, fostering greatness together.”

Another standout tradition the organisation holds annually is Vena Day, a dedicated day when all employees are encouraged to step away from work and spend quality time with their families. Describing Vena Day as “more than just a day off,” Anna explained that this deliberate break celebrates the bonds that unite everyone, both within and outside of the workplace.

She elaborated, “By encouraging them to prioritise their personal lives, we send a powerful message: you matter, not just as an employee, but as a human being with dreams, passions, and loved ones who deserve your time and attention.”

“The impact of Vena Day reverberates far beyond the confines of our offices. It’s not just about boosting morale or productivity; it’s about fostering a culture of trust, respect, and empathy. When our employees feel seen, heard, and appreciated, they become more than just colleagues; they become champions of our shared vision, driving us forward with passion and purpose.”

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There is more to employee involvement at Vena Energy than just talking about it; they actively practice it. Specifically, brainstorming committees and the Vena Stars peer-recognition programmes are testaments to this commitment, as Anna added, “From the vibrant brainstorming sessions of the Funenergy and Care Committee to the collaborative buzz of our open-concept offices, transparency and inclusivity are more than just ideals; they’re our way of life.”

Vena Energy measures the effectiveness of its initiatives through surveys and data analysis. This ensures their programmes stay relevant and continue to resonate with the workforce. “So, when you ask how Vena Energy involves employees in shaping our engagement programmes and measures their effectiveness, the answer is simple: with unwavering dedication, genuine collaboration, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Because when our employees thrive, we all shine brighter together,” Anna concluded.